Google Chrome Yellow Tint Version 68

If you’ve updated Google Chrome and now have a horrible yellow tint to everything that should be white you’ve been struck by the Overly Helpful Application Syndrome. This disease commonly affects Microsoft products but can also infect other applications and displays itself as a “helpful default” that is completely stupid.

The yellow tint in Google Chrome is easily fixed by going hereĀ and setting Force color profile to sRGB:


You’ll have to copy that URL and paste it into the address bar of Chrome because the latest versions of the browser do not allow clicking chrome:// links.

Why does this happen? The Chrome developers have modified the way Google Chrome displays so that it tries to match the default colour profile of the monitor it is in. Unfortunately, it often fails to do this properly which leaves you with just Chrome looking like an old yellowed smoker’s desktop PC from the 90s.

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