Google Hangouts

Just a quick note, I’ve just installed Pidgin and gotten rid of Google Hangouts because it seems to be abandoned. There are hundreds of bad reviews, a lot of them quite helpful to the developers, but there’s been no significant update to Hangouts for months.

For me, I have finally had enough of the fact that I can’t sign out on one device and stay logged in on another and that the notifications appear on all devices simultaneously regardless of whether I want them to or not. Also, snoozing them affects all devices which means you can’t silence the notifications on your PC but leave them active on your phone.

What really takes the biscuit iss that the Google Chrome webstore is designed to stop you leaving bad reviews. Once I had removed it from Chrome I was unable to post a review and after adding it again then posting the review I found that removing the extension from Chrome deleted the review I had just posted. So it seems the only way to leave any sort of forewarning for others is to keep the app you do not like installed and running.

Whatever Happens Care Plan

While reading up on the Surface Pro 2, which I would like to buy at some point, I decided to take a look at PC World’s Whatever Happens care plan and found something pretty vital: you are NOT covered for accidental damage! I can’t think of any other reason why you’d want a care plan than accidentally breaking something.
The plan, which starts at £8.50/mo, states that you are covered for “breakdown through mishaps” but on the link detailing important information and exclusions it states “What is not included: The cost of repairing or replacing a product which fails because anyone neglects, abuses or misuses the product” and this may seem sensible for a second but let that sink in a bit longer…
Who’s to say you dropping your laptop or Surface Pro 2 is accidental or neglect? What if your child got hold of the device and wanted to see if it’s water proof? What if you forgot it was in your backpack and sat on it? These cases are accidental in a way and neglect in others, it is pretty careless to sit on a laptop! To me, this clause is simply a way for DSG Retail to get out of honouring their plan and just makes it seem pointless.
Always make sure you read the fine print!

Blog Feedback!

I got this by email and it just made my evening:

“Just wanted to let you know your SetUUID tool was very appreciated.  I had the same situation as you (VHD on a separate drive from the snapshot) and had a very hard time finding what the issue was.  Finally stumbled across your post this morning and it did exactly what I needed it to do.”

It’s such a good feeling to know that something you’ve made has helped someone fix a problem.

New Blog

This is the dev site of my new blog. I’ve made this software myself and the source will may be available ‘soon’ ish… 😛

UPDATE: Posts have been transferred over to WordPress, a much more feature rich blogging platform than I could write by myself!

Logitech Gaming Software

I bought a new mouse (G400) and tried to install the software but just got a runtime error regarding the C++ redistributable so I checked the forum but only found people saying to reinstall the software which, of course, doesn’t work. It turns out that you just need to make sure it runs as administrator for it to work.


My machine: W7 64 bit, Logitech gaming software 8.2


The up and coming standard for website code is buzzing around the internet with most people saying its better than everything that came before it. However, their opinions are based solely on the fact this HTML 5 contains new tags that can embed video, sound, drawing areas and some other nice features without lots of Javascript, Flash or other addons and this would be nice if it were true.

When talking about website development everyone considers the staples of web technologies as HTML/XHTML, CSS and Java Script. This is how websites have evolved over time and we all understand the individual uses of each technology and therefore when to substitute them for something else that would be better. For example, rather than coding something to display a set of data using a lot of the above technologies you could quickly use an XML and a transformation file with a dash of CSS to make it look nice. These technologies fit together in different ways.

The problem? “HTML 5” is not HTML! All of the nice new tags require the use of javascript and do nothing useful on their own. Instead of improving mark up language this “HTML 5” standard is forcing the developer into a specific way of doing things. No longer will you have the choice of using a mix of languages to target a specific need because you will be locked in to their choices.

Is it good? Is it bad?.. I think it is a bad idea.

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