Delete Xamarin Bonjour Service After Uninstalling Xamarin

25/01/2015 21:25:14
Luke McGrane
The Bonjour service is an Apple product used by several applications to discover other devices on the network. It seems to be useful if you use Apple products but it became a problem when I uninstalled Xamarin and found Bonjour was throwing errors into Event Viewer. The service was not removed by uninstalling Xamarin through Programs and Features so I did the following:
  1. Open command prompt as administrator
  2. Confirm Bonjour is installed, whether running or not, by typing: sc query state= all | find "Xamarin"
  3. Once you have the SERVICE_NAME, which should be "Bonjour Service" type: sc delete "Bonjour Service"
  4. Finally, navigate to %PROGRAMFILES% and delete the Xamarin directory

ScanMyServer Security Tests

19/11/2014 10:58:17
Luke McGrane

I've been looking at server security, testing things on my own web server, and recently found a company called Beyond Security who do free site testing. It looks like they go pretty in-depth with their automated checks and they give you this seal (which doesn't always seem to load so it might look like a blank space):

Vulnerability Scanner

Their site is a bit flakey and the report you see when you click the seal as a website visitor doesn't really reflect anything but as the site owner you get a detailed list of potential vulnerabilities.

Find Out IP Using Telnet

14/11/2014 20:20:43
Luke McGrane

I found a useful service on and thought I'd like to have a go at making something myself. So, now you can telnet to and it'll tell you what your IP is.






Your IP is


This can be useful in conditions where I want to know which ISP a server is using but cannot use a web browser to go to I've added a rate limit so repeated connections within 10 seconds of the last will cause the IP to be temporarily banned.

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