Microsoft Are Rubbish and Do Not Know Their Own Licensing

04/02/2015 19:19:50
Luke McGrane

I'm sure we're all aware that Microsoft's licensing terms are completely insane and totally designed to siphon off as much money as possible from honest businesses but there is actually proof that they do not understand their own terms on Technet:

A great quote from the page is "A5 - CALs are not required to access servers running a web workload (defined above in the blog), so no - CALs are not required to access servers running a web workload when users access anonymously." which, essentially, says that for any webserver hosting a website that has a user login system you must purchase CALs per user. Roughly, 6 billion CALs because technically anyone could access a public website?

The whole article is great contradictory read.


It is definitely time to start ditching Microsoft, personally I'm going to give lubuntu a try.

Missing Apps on OnePlus or Cyanogen

27/01/2015 18:03:27
Luke McGrane

When apps go missing but you know they're installed it could be because you've set them to 'protected' which is a feature of Cyanogen. To get them back, tap options while on the home screen then the three dots above 'widgets' and tap Protected apps (highlighted here in yellow):

This may present you with an authentication challenge such as a pattern or pin code, enter whatever code you may have set to get past it. Once at the app list you can scroll through and untick the apps that have become hidden so they appear in your regular app list again.

This can be a very useful feature, especially if you occasionally share your phone with people and don't want them accessing certain apps such as online banking. For example, if you wanted to lock out specific Google apps only you can get to them, you could group the icons on your home screen and protect the entire group in one go by tapping the padlock (highlighted here in yellow).

Remove Search Bar in OnePlus or Cyanogen

26/01/2015 10:56:51
Luke McGrane

To remove the Google search bar at the top of your home screen tap the options button while at the desktop and select the three dots above "widgets" then turn Search Bar off (highlighted here in yellow).

The OnePlus uses Cyanogen so this should be the same for any device that also has the same OS version.

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