Facebook Auto-Play Videos

29/03/2014 20:17:30
Luke McGrane

In a puzzeling reverse 'Robin Hood' move facebook have made a terrible step toward stealing millions of pounds from your pockets and putting it directly in the accounts of other businesses! How? Simply by defaulting your phone app into downloading potentially massive amounts of data so pushing you well over your data plan limit.

Here is how it works according to the Facebook help page. You cannot stop these videos from playing on your mobile device but you can limit them to only appear while you're connected via WiFi by going to the application settings and selecting "Auto-Play Videos on WiFi Only."

The videos also play when you're browsing from your desktop computer too but thankfully there is an option in your settings for videos (bottom left) where you can disable the auto play. If you're logged in you can try clicking this link which should take you straight to it.

If, like me, you're still not happy with this annoyingly pushy approach to social media you can make use of the feedback form to provide valuable customer feedback.

Restore New Tab Page

30/09/2013 07:16:10
Luke McGrane

The new update to Chrome is horrible and has turned a great browser into an extremely slow beast so I imagine there are many people who want to get rid of Google's accident and go back to the good New Tab page. Here's how:


  • In Chrome, type 'about:flags' into web address bar and press enter.
  • Then ctrl+f (search page) for 'Enable Instant Extended API'.
  • Change the drop down box to Disabled.
  • A relaunch now button will appear, click that.
  • Then shazam! Old new tab page is back :)


This is a copy paste from Yahoo Answers and all credit goes to that user. I'm re-hosting in the hopes that it helps more people overcome this problem.

SpamAssasin Wrapper

27/08/2013 19:17:24
Luke McGrane

I have built a little application to get SpamAssasin working with Mail Enable as the old SAPlugin.exe didn't seem to work for me. It's pretty simple and the source code is included so you can modify it however you desire. The features are:

  • Calls SpamAssasin to check emails
  • Can quarantine emails so they don't go to the user's inbox
  • Always writes over the email so you can check spam scores

Here's the config file to show how simple an applciation this is. Please note that SpamAssasin has a problem with long file names and spaces so it seems to be best to use the shortnames for its location.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <add key="SpamAssasinExe" value="C:\PROGRA~2\JAMSOF~1\SPAMAS~1\SPAMAS~1.EXE"/>
    <add key="QuarantineDirectory" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\Mail Enable\Quarantine\Messages" />
    <add key="DebugOutput" value="true"/>

You can download the application & source code from my projects page here.

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